Rainforest Coding

Giant Planet

  • £199.00

Rainforest Coding Introduces Scratch and Python coding from the very beginning in a logical and sequential manner.

The Scratch module includes 23 carefully structured activities, starting with basic Scatch concepts and moving on to more advanced techniques such as making blocks, cloning, broadcasting, conditional statements, variables and operators. Links to real Scratch projects are included in several of the modules.


  • All the activities include animated, interactive explanations, allowing students to work independently for a learner led experience.
  • Only by learning enough Coding techniques can the students save the rainforest in an adventure involving scientists, robots and villains.


By coding within Rainforest Coding's controlled Scratch and Python environments, this isolates the techniques being introduced and ultimately ensures all students will succeed, giving them the confidence that they CAN code.

Regular use of Rainforest Coding also:

  • Enhances creativity
  • Develops independent thinking
  • Develops logical thinking skills
  • Tests problem-solving skills
  • Encourages exploration
  • Encourages working collaboratively when used in small groups
  • Boosts computational thinking and coding skills that will help them when they later progress onto real-world programming

Try the free taster coding activities

Click here to try the free coding activities - no registration required.